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Animal Feed, Quality Flour and Granulated Limestone

We supply high purity limestone products from our quarry to the animal feedstuffs industries in the south, south-west and south Wales. We usually provide Feed Mills with 20 – 25 tonne bulk loads delivered to the mill in our modern fleet of tankers but we can also supply Feed Mills and Garden Centres with smaller bagged products if required.

Supplementing animal dietary requirements

High standards of safety are well established and, because our products will enter the food chain, they are quality assured through the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS). Quality checks, including all necessary chemical and microbiological tests, are made at all stages of production in our modern plant and during storage and delivery.

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Feed Supplements include:

we can supply you with:

Our high purity ground limestone has been quality checked at all stages of production. The products we supply are of the highest quality conforming to all safety standards.

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