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Agricultural lime

We supply and distribute high neutralising value, carboniferous agricultural lime to reduce acidity and maximise cropping potential and profitability of your arable and grass land. We will test your soils to advise whether to apply coarse or fine lime and the application rate needed to restore correct pH levels to improve your yields and soil structure. We also supply 25kg bags for garden applications.

Balancing Soil Acidity

Soil pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of soil. For good cropping and optimum grassland results the soil must not be too acidic. Adding Castle Hill’s high neutralising value calcium carbonate will reduce pH to optimum levels. Calcium carbonate is mostly insoluble in water but solubility, and therefore neutralising potential, increases with acidity allowing a long-term release of the benefits.

Powdered limestone

Powdered Limestone, or Limestone Dust, is perfect for grassland and by slow release will correct and maintain the pH balance over the long term.

Ground limestone

Ground Limestone is slightly coarser than our Limestone Dust and is used in arable applications. Mixing with the soil when preparing to plant cops will prevent crop failure due to high pH values.

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